Bristol-Myers Squibb Company

Research Investigator

New Brunswick, NJ, US
Oct 01, 2018
Required Education
Position Type
Full time
As a Research Investigator in the Drug Product Science & Technology - Materials Science Group, the main responsibilities will be tailoring the API material characteristics to balance both drug substance processability and drug product performance. Activities will include form screening, crystallization process development and particle engineering approaches to deliver the desired material properties and ultimately a robust crystallization, isolation and drying protocol for pilot and commercial scale manufacturing. The candidate is expected to apply physical chemistry and engineering principles to achieve these goals.

It is expected that the candidate will work with a broad range of materials, including crystalline and non-crystalline small molecule APIs, drug product intermediates and excipients, as well as complex molecules such as peptides. Experience in laboratory experimentation is expected and expertise in solid state characterization techniques such as XRD, BET, TGA, and DSC is desired. In addition, an understanding of PAT techniques (Raman, Lasentec, ATR-FTIR, NIR) and their application to crystallization process development is desired.

Requirements: Ph.D. in chemical engineering, material engineering or related discipline with 0-3 years of pharmaceutical/ chemical industry or related experience or a BS/MS with 4-6 years of pharmaceutical/chemical industry or related experience. Excellent problem solving skills with a strong background in the theory and practice of crystallization, solid form screening, process development, isolation and drying techniques. Experience in process scale up, particularly in crystallization and drying is highly desired. Experience with small or complex molecule particle engineering such spray drying, co-crystals, peptide crystallization and/or other novel isolation techniques will be preferred.

The individual will effectively interface and collaborate across drug substance, drug product and analytical development teams. The individual must have demonstrated ability to identify and solve problems. Outstanding oral and written communication skills with the ability to provide technical input and scientific leadership are required. This position requires employees to work with or come in contact with chemical agents which may pose health or safety hazards if improperly handled.