EH&S Officer

94143, San Francisco
Sep 27, 2018
Required Education
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EH&S Officer


Under the supervision of the Chemical Safety & Industrial Hygiene Program Manager, the EH&S Officer acts as a subject matter expert in chemical safety for all departments and Environmental Health and Safety (EH&S) professionals. This position is responsible for maintaining the Chemical Hygiene Plan and overseeing compliance with all state, federal, and local regulations pertaining to the use of hazardous chemicals on site.  The EH&S Officer serves as a key member to the Chemical and Environmental Safety Committee, oversees the development of control banded SOPs, and manages the chemical inventory system. 


Key responsibilities include assisting researchers develop standard operating procedures for the safe use of hazardous chemicals, ensuring chemicals are properly classified in the chemical inventory system, developing and maintaining safety training, assisting the EH&S department safety advisers in conducting quality inspections, and serving as a key member on the EH&S emergency response team.


The position requires an advanced understanding of chemistry, chemical hazards and knowledge of the regulations governing use of hazardous chemicals in laboratories.  Thorough written, verbal, and interpersonal communication skills, including the political acumen and skills necessary to communicate effectively in a diverse environment are essential.




Essential Duties:


Ensuring chemical safety protocols are followed throughout research space 


  • Provide assistance and guidance to the research community in maintaining full compliance with Cal/OSHA requirements on the safe use of chemicals, and all applicable health and safety codes, standards and regulations.
  • Conduct in person training as needed.
  • Regularly review and revise the chemical safety content on the EH&S website as necessary to ensure it is up to date.
  • Conduct periodic quality assurance audits of the inspection program.
  • Write safety updates on the safe use and storage of chemicals.
  • Assist the Department Safety Advisors (DSA) in conducting in-depth inspections and audits of high hazard laboratory locations.  
  • Review SOPS of high hazard chemicals and submit to the Chemical and Environmental Safety Committee for further review and approval as needed.
  • Maintain the chemical library


  • Add modify, and classify new chemicals in the library as required.
  • Perform periodic quality control of the chemical library to ensure chemicals are
  • Classified correctly.
  • Serve a leading role in the development and continual improvement of new chemical inventory systems