Bristol-Myers Squibb Company

Scientist I, Protein Engineering (1)

Redwood City, CA, US
Sep 26, 2018
Required Education
Position Type
Full time
Scientist I, Protein Engineering

Bristol-Myers Squibb (BMS) is a leader in immune-oncology and focused on delivering transformative medicine. We are seeking creative and motivated scientists to add to our collaborative team to drive early discovery in the field of IO. Here you will work closely with protein biologists and immunologists to engineer and test potential drugs. The main responsibilities will be understanding the biology of the disease state, and finding novel ways to mitigate such mechanisms.

As an engineering group we encourage new ideas, and are motivated by the science. We strive to utilize our protein knowledge to better understand the biology and be creative in our drug discovery process.

Role Requirement:

Ph.D. with research experience in the field of protein chemistry, cell biology, oncology or immunology. Industry experience and/or post-doctoral training preferred.

Demonstrated a track record of designing, validating and executing functional assays with primary immune cell populations (monocytes/macrophages, T cells, and NK cells).

Fundamental understanding of proteins and structure function relationship.

In depth knowledge of signaling pathways important to immune activation, and the molecular details of such pathways.

Knowledgeable in engineering novel functionalities into antibodies (such as cytokines, modulating FcgRs, or FcRn interactions)

Ability to work with various murine tumor and/or infectious disease models is a plus

Pro-active and engaging attitude to discover novel biology and new drug moieties.

Specific responsibilities.

Lead protein engineering efforts to engineer antibodies and antibody fusion proteins with novel properties.

Elucidate mechanistic understanding of targets and work to progress targets through pipeline.

Independently perform complex experiments with strong attention to detail and documentation.

Excellent written and oral skills are necessary.

Accomplish goals under project team time lines.