Associate Director/Director, Investor Relations and Corporate Communications

92121, San Diego
Sep 18, 2018
Required Education
Bachelors Degree
Position Type
Full time

Investor Relations Strategy, Plan, and Execution

  • Develops the IR strategy, operating plan, and budget in collaboration with the CFO
  • Executes the IR program
  • Educates and updates investors and analysts
  • Executes the creation of publications and electronic media used in the IR program. Supervises the data collection, analysis, writing and editing, and production of those materials.
  • Leads presentations and discussions in the IR program
  • Educates and updates investors and analysts
  • Keeps shareholders knowledgeable about the company
  • Finds, supports, and encourages prospective investors by broadening awareness and interest through conferences, presentations, meetings, media, and mailings
  • Responds to investor targets-of-opportunity created by presentations, meetings, and media
  • Hosts conference calls, prepares conference call scripts and practice questions (with answers when needed), and leads practice sessions
  • Uses statistical targeting to identify good-fit institutional investors; contacts the analysts at those institutions to verify possible interest and to encourage interest and investment
  • In collaboration with the CFO, supports the investors’ decision-making processes through visits to institutions, individual meetings, visits by analysts and investors to company plants, and visits with appropriate other senior leaders
  • Supports security analysts in brokerage firms
  • Contracts for and directs the capital markets database and intelligence system that supports the investor relations program
  • Creates or assists in creating the publications and electronic media used in the IR program
  • Annual report: design, production, and delivery
  • Quarterly results and other news releases: collaborates in creating
  • Periodic update of the outlook for the quarter and or year results: collaborates with CFO
  • SEC filings: collaborates with the CEO, CFO, and VP Legal
  • Substitute leader of conference calls, both for quarterly results and special events
  • Executes webcasts, usually in conjunction with conference calls and investment conference presentations. Contracts for webcasts
  • Collaborates with the CFO on the IR website section and content
  • Supports the IR website archive of historical information for investors
  • Collaborates with company marketing and company advertising
  • Assists with media news stories
  • Supports the Annual Meeting of Analysts & Investors
  • Supports presentations at broker-sponsored conferences and meetings
  • Supports presentations at company-hosted conferences and meetings
  • Discussions with analysts and review of draft reports for accuracy of publicly disclosed information
  • Supports visits by the CFO and other senior leaders to institutional investors
  • Supports visits by investors to the company headquarters
  • Gives presentations at internal company meetings

Strategic Planning

  • Collaborates on company decisions that will create value for shareholders
  • Provides competitive intelligence from Wall Street to the other company leaders and appropriate operations. Collaborates with Business Development.
  • Performs market studies and analyses
  • Collaborates with Financial Reporting, Financial Analysis, Public Relations, Advertising, Marketing, Legal, and others, as needed