Bristol-Myers Squibb Company

Quality Strategy and Business Operations Head, Global Quality

New Brunswick, NJ, US
Sep 12, 2018
Required Education
Bachelors Degree
Position Type
Full time
Role overview
  • Scope: There are three key categories to the scope of this role:
  • Works closely with the Head of GQ as a strategic thought-partner to refine the Global Quality Vision and create from that an operationalizable Company Quality Strategy. Co-ordinates and integrates the design and execution of the Company quality strategy (and related portfolio of quality and compliance programs, including the annual quality plan) to advance the company's annual objectives and longer term transformational business goals.
  • Supports the Head of GQ in transforming and running the Global Quality organization (approximately 1400 employees across Quality for Manufacturing, Commercial and R&D). Drives the creation of the GQ Leadership Team vision and drives unified strategy for how GQ LT engages with the broader organization. Leads transformational activities related to GQ integration and re-organization, as well as strategic execution of operational activities, in partnership with relevant functions, such as budgeting process, A3 and yearly objectives setting, cross-functional stakeholder's interactions and initiatives, represent GQ in cross-functional initiatives, talent management, managing key GQ meetings, as well as any major events that need the direct engagement of the Head of Global Quality, including quality and compliance matters.
  • Provides support to the Head of Global Quality for internal and external meetings/communication, such as CEO briefings, BoD updates, and external engagements representing BMS such as meetings with health authorities and trade associations.

Scope of the role

The Quality Strategy and Business Operations Head (QSBO Head) for Global Quality is a motivated and adaptable leader who supports the SVP of Global Quality and the senior Global Quality Leadership Team (GQLT). The QSBO Head is both a strategist and operational integrator and implementer to ensure that quality and compliance programs and strategies across GPS, and also within GQ are well defined, streamlined and executed based on the priorities set by GQLT, GPSLT and RDLT (the leadership team of the Chief Scientific Officer). The QSBO also fulfills roles that have direct impact on the GQ organization in support of the GPS and R&D business that do not always fit into the core job description of the rest of GQLT.

The scope of the responsibilities of the QSBO Head falls into three broad categories (as described above):
  • Co-ordinates and integrates the design and execution of the Company Quality strategy (and related portfolio of quality and compliance programs, including the annual quality plan). Supports the SVP of Global Quality in developing the vision for the group, including creation of new capabilities and internal/external alliances. Working collaboratively with the HR and Communication team, oversights the GQ transformation change and communication plan, fosters strong partnerships with critical stakeholders, in particular within GPS and well as across R&D and Commercial.
  • Supports the SVP GQ in managing the business/operational aspects of running the Global Quality organization.
  • Provides support to the GQ Head for internal and external meetings/communication, such as CEO briefings, BoD updates, and external engagements such as meetings with health authorities and trade associations.

In fulfilling these responsibilities the QSBO will contribute to the long term success of GQ, R&D and GPS and so advance the Company's performance and commitment to quality and compliance.

Management of business/operational responsibilities is comprised of the coordination and oversight of periodic (e.g., weekly, quarterly, annual) tasks that include leading staff meetings, communications planning and execution, talent management programs, annual objectives/results setting, as well as capital and operating finance management.

Coordinating and integrating the Company quality strategy (and related portfolio of quality and compliance projects) the QSBO Head will work directly with the Head of GQ, GQLT, and where necessary with the senior leadership teams in GPS and R&D. This will include activities such as:

Design and implementation of the new GQ organization, including the creation and realization of aa quality and compliance value creation roadmap for GPS as well as the steps to be taken to reach the final GQ integrated organizational structure aligned with GPS/R&D and BMS enterprise transformation goals. Coordinate/integrate the work in the portfolio of quality and compliance projects to maintain a strong quality posture for BMS as well as assure alignment to evolving regulatory requirements. This work will include the annual quality plan, and the projects that make up the overall quality strategy for the Company. . The GQ Head acts as the Chief Quality Officer for the company and as such will be required to give various internal and external briefings/presentations and communications. Internally these include updates to executive management (such as the BMSLT, CEO and Board of Directors) as well as employee business updates. Externally, presentations and meetings with health authorities round the world as well as trade associations will be required. The QSBO Head will directly support the preparation of these materials, to ensure content and key messaging reflects the thinking and broader BMS quality and compliance strategy and direction.

In managing all these responsibilities, the Head of QSBO will work closely with other senior leaders in similar roles supporting the President of GPS, EVP and CSO of R&D and their leadership teams to ensure that these quality and compliance activities are aligned with key business priorities and objectives.

Key responsibilities
  • Provides strategic quality leadership and business operational management of GQ related activities working directly with the Head of GQ, the GQLT and other key members of R&D and GPS

  • Works with the Head of GQ and the GQLT to provide business support to managing of GQ.
  • Coordinates and integrates the strategic portfolio of work to ensure that GPS and R&D is delivering on its quality and compliance objectives to support company, and R&D and GPS business goals and priorities.
  • Supports the design and implementation of the new GQ global organization, creation and realization of a GQ value creation roadmap and continued evolution of the GQ organization to its final design aligned with BMS enterprise transformation goals.
  • Works closely with GPS and R&D communications to ensure that messages reflect the current thinking of the Head of GQ and are appropriate for the given audience.
  • Assists to make sure that the time of the GQ Head is spent on moving the needle to advance the global integrated quality organization's mission and goals.
  • Assesses inquiries directed to the Head of GQ and determines proper action and delegation to the appropriate individual to manage.
  • Manages the GQLT team meetings and extended LT meetings.
  • Ensures that the Head of GQ is prepared for all internal and external engagements working with relevant subject matters experts within and outside the global quality organization.
  • Coordinates and participates in domestic and international site visits with the SVP of GQ. Develops annual travel schedule and agendas.
  • Provides support for materials to be used in internal meetings such as BMSLT, CEO and BoD presentations/briefings as well as external engagements with health authorities and trade associations etc.
  • Coordinates global quality town hall meetings, and other employee business briefing forums and preparation of content. Develops and executes feedback mechanisms from a cross-section of GQ employees on global town halls and other engagement forums for insights to the senior quality leadership team.
  • Coordinates capital and operating budgets, and assists in developing associated materials for annual budget and subsequent reviews.
  • Assists in managing the annual talent management programs across GQ, including succession planning.
  • Assists in developing and deploying A3 and annual objectives, annual strategic planning across GQ and subsequent period reviews of progress throughout the year.

Professional experience and qualifications
  • Degree in life sciences, and advanced degree in related discipline preferred.
  • Minimum of 10 years of Biopharmaceutical experience in both R&D and commercial manufacturing environments.
  • Ability to build strong, trusting relationships, lead large/complex programs, and work across divisions, diverse business backgrounds and cultures.
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills, with the ability to interface with a broad range of internal and external stakeholders at all levels of the organization.
  • Strategic thinker who sees the bigger picture and possesses high business acumen; understands how the parts impact the whole (end to end enterprise) and makes the best decisions for the whole
  • Excellent influencing and negotiating experience and capabilities in a matrix environment. Must be able to interact with senior leaders from both R&D and GPS in this capacity and as such is seen as a highly regarded and a credible leader with the ability to act on SVP of Global Quality behalf for interface with stakeholders in a matrix environment.
  • Strong project management and execution skills, and is able to manage multiple projects and prioritize as needed. Ability to plan and conduct projects within a multi-disciplinary environment.
  • Prior experience in managing budgets.
  • Has a proven track record of delivering results and is action oriented.

  • Regular travel required, including abroad

Leadership Requirements

Enterprise Mindset

Understands the big picture, beyond their own functional area.

Leads within the broader internal and external network, and seeks to have impact on organization-wide performance.

Embraces complexity, but strives for simplicity.

Shares resources and makes difficult trade-offs to benefit the organization at large.

Change Agility

Creates a vision for the future by spotting strategic opportunities for breakthrough performance.

Translates the case for change into actionable plans for the organization.

Demonstrates smart risk-taking and personal resilience when implementing change.

Enables others to navigate change with confidence and in sustainable ways.

Authentic Leadership

Demonstrates an honest and unbiased understanding of their own strengths, limitations, and values.

Lives up to their principles and conviction without being rigid or dogmatic.

Generates trust by maintaining the highest level of consistency between their words and their actions

Talent Developer

Maintains a current and strategic view of talent management, aligned with the organization's priorities.

Understands the needs and characteristics of the organization's talent and the extent to which it supports the business agenda.

Proactively develops talent for the long and short-term, both within and outside their team.

Creates a learning environment that ensures people realize their highest potential.