Scientist/Senior Scientist, Predictive Diagnostics and Biomarkers/Translational Medicine

Redwood City, California
Aug 17, 2018
Required Education
Position Type
Full time

REVOLUTION Medicines discovers and develops new drugs that translate frontier cancer targets through exceptional drug discovery delivering revolutionary medicines on behalf of cancer patients. Our innovative science draws inspiration from nature and evolution, which offer insights into cancer targets, disease mechanisms and therapeutic approaches. As a new member of the RevMed team, you will join other outstanding scientists who are helping lead our efforts in the discovery and development of new medicines for unmet needs in cancer. 

The Opportunity:

The Translational Medicine group is part of the Development Sciences organization. Its focus is on predictive and companion diagnostics for our cancer programs, as well as pharmacodynamic biomarkers of drug activity in the clinic. We are looking for a strong scientist to help us quickly progress our new medicines from discovery through clinical development and registration. 

This newly created position will be responsible for creating the strategy and having programmatic responsibility for the Translational Medicine plan that will be incorporated into one or more of our drug development programs. The work will focus on predictive diagnostics and genetics-based tumor selection, and will include all aspects of pharmacodynamic and clinical biomarkers, companion diagnostics, and nonclinical biology research needed to inform development decisions throughout the development life-cycle. 

Collaborative interactions with a multi-disciplinary, cross-functional teams, laboratory research scientists/chemists, toxicologists, pharmacokineticists, modeling and simulation experts, biomarker experts, and therapeutic area clinicians are critical to success in the role. The ability to integrate the outputs of multiple disciplines into a coherent translational medicine plan is essential.


  • Lead Translational Medicine activities in one or more oncology drug development programs by designing and implementing the overall translational medicine strategy. This will include defining and validating the clinical patient prediction strategies and designing and implementing the pharmacodynamic biomarker plan for the different steps of clinical development. 
  • Plan and implement translational research including markers predictive of, or correlating with, clinical efficacy and pharmacodynamics markers of target engagement. Work to understand genomic markers/predictive biomarkers/pharmacodynamics based on target biology, drug mechanism of action, patient population, pharmacodynamic markers of target engagement, and disease biology. Work in conjunction with other members of the Translational Medicine group on feasibility and execution.
  • Manage work at CROs and/or collaborate with internal colleagues to ensure fit-for-purpose validation of predictive diagnostic and clinical biomarker assays prior to implementation. Develop, optimize, and validate fit-for-purpose biomarker assays to measure responses to therapies in patient samples. 
  • Review and interpret results and reports in a way which has an impact on the program.
  • Author translational medicine and clinical translational-related documents, disclosures, and publications including clinical protocols, study reports, abstracts and/or manuscripts, clinical pharmacology components of investigator brochures, and regulatory documents.
  • Build and maintain strong relationships and collaborations with key scientific and medical experts to incorporate external insights and maximize the generation of scientifically robust data to accelerate our drug development programs.

Required Experience, Skills, and Education:

  • Advanced degree: Ph.D. degree or equivalent in a health-related science.
  • Postgraduate experience with laboratory research in industry or academia, preferably in oncology as witnessed by a strong publication track-record and reputation.
  • High-impact post-doctoral/graduate research experience with a demonstrated record of scientific scholarship and achievement will be preferred and can substitute industry/translational medicine/predictive diagnostics experience.
  • Previous experience in the industry/field of predictive diagnostics is an advantage but not required.
  • Excellent communication skills and enthusiasm to emphasize the strengths of the position, grow the department, and bring a positive, collaborative attitude in meeting team-based deliverables and program success.
  • Be an active scientific contributor and bring an inquisitive, energetic, and proactive attitude to scientific challenges involved in early clinical development, patient prediction, and pharmacodynamic evaluation.
  • Ensure Clinical Trial standards are maintained at the site and in cooperation with the other clinical functions. 
  • Excellent writing skills to ensure high quality documents are delivered.
  • Innovative team-player with high energy for our fast-paced environment and ability to manage aggressive timelines effectively through cross-functional planning.