Research Scientist

90033, Los Angeles
Up to $130,000 per year + benefits
Aug 10, 2018
Required Education
Position Type
Full time

Molecular Biologist (PhD) with emphasis on molecular immunology who can engineer transgenic lines, knock out-knock in, conduct RNA and DNA analysis, and generated single cell based libraries are preferred. Skills in Cellular and molecular Immunology, engineering T and NK cells are welcome

Protein Biologist who studies protein structure and function, affinity evolution, modification especially glycosylation, acetylation, oxidation, protein purification, stability studies and efficacy studies are needed.

Laboratory Technician with skills in molecular biology, lentivirus production, purification, transfection of target cells, stable cell line production. Gene knock down and knock out. In vivo studies including live mouse imaging, cell therapy, harvest tissues such as bone marrow, prostate gland and others, processing for proteomic, genomic analysis.

Laboratory Manager with technical skills in cell biology, flow-cytometry, cell sorting, magnetic bead based enrichment of desired cells, cytotoxicity assays, immunological assays including cellular toxicity in co-culture experiments, T cell and NK cell activation, phenotyping. Very detail oriented who can oversee real time expansion, maintenance and use of tissue repository. Tissue analysis, image analysis, storage and retrieval.

Clinical Research Associate(CRA) individuals with experience in clinical trial design, conduct and monitoring. Experience in selection of investigators and sites is desirable. Track record of demonstrable leadership will offer management of the clinical trials staff.