Laboratory Technician

Seneca, Illinois
Jul 25, 2018
Required Education
Associate Degree
Position Type
Full time


The purpose of this job is to perform laboratory work in support of activities associated with production, sale, and distribution of REG products. This position is also responsible to assist with continuous improvement of REG manufacturing processes and with business development activities.


Laboratory Testing

  • Perform all tests available in REG laboratories and maintain the equipment and instruments used for those tests
  • Perform laboratory testing for all materials sold and purchased by REG
  • Assist in the evaluation of product nonconformities at plants and at storage & distribution sites

Laboratory Upkeep

  • Perform general laboratory cleaning and maintenance
  • Perform routine maintenance on laboratory equipment and instrumentation

Documentation and Record Keeping

  • Document all laboratory work and resulting test results in laboratory notebooks, instrument records, and electronic records
  • Adhere to existing safety standards and help improve laboratory safety practices whenever possible
  • Organize and maintain laboratory data and other laboratory records

Other frequent duties:

  • Provide technical support to all REG departments as needed
  • Write technical reports and Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)

Perform all other duties as assigned



*Be available for rotating 12-hour shift work and overtime as required

Education Required: 2 year associate’s degree – physical, life sciences or related degree

Experience Required: 2 – 6 years work experience. Education may substitute work experience.

Skills Required:

Strong verbal and written communication skills

Microsoft Office Suite (Excel, Word, Outlook, PowerPoint, Publisher, and Visio)

Advanced math skills

Special skills or knowledge preferred:

Knowledge of oils and fats or other agricultural products and processing

Knowledge of petroleum industry and products

Experience with product quality assurance methodologies and troubleshooting (root-cause analysis, statistical quality control, etc.)