Laboratory Technician

Newton, IA
Jul 25, 2018
Required Education
Associate Degree
Position Type
Full time


The purpose of this job is to be responsible for and assist with technical support to Renewable Energy Group with an emphasis on maintaining and improving the quality of the current production as well as validating the quality of the incoming feedstock.


Daily Activities

  •  Perform quality testing on incoming/refined ingredients
  •  Perform quality testing on in-process product
  •  Perform quality testing on finished product
  •  Perform quality testing on co-products

Data Analysis

  • Perform analytical testing utilizing various laboratory instrumentation including (but not limited to): GC-FID, Karl Fisher titrator, densitometer, ICP, sulfur analyzer
  • Analyze the analytical information and communicate the results efficiently and accurately to management
  • Perform instrument calibration and verification per manufacturing recommendations, ASTM D6751 test methods, and internal work instructions.

Instrument Maintenance and Troubleshooting

  • Perform Laboratory standard and reagent preparation
  • Perform activities related to the continuous improvement of laboratory operations, including testing accuracy and precision in compliance with statistical quality assurance.
  • Troubleshoot instrumentation problems if/when they arise and offer solutions/recommendations for remediation

Other Frequent Duties

  • Administrative and Housekeeping tasks
  • Recording of testing data in a timely manner

Perform other duties as assigned