Lead Chemist / Chemical Engineer (Scientist, Manager, Director, or VP level)

Fremont, CA
Highly competitive, commensurate with experience and job title
Jul 10, 2018
Required Education
Position Type
Full time

Position Description

You will lead SynAgile’s chemistry and/or chemical engineering efforts. Immediate responsibilities include establishing and operating a small analytical chemistry (HPLC, rheology, etc.) laboratory to support DopaFuse drug manufacturing for a Phase 2 clinical trial. Intermediate term responsibilities include DopaFuse drug manufacturing scale up to ~25 kg batch size. Longer term, you will lead the formulation of the next-generation drug for use in the OraFuse system. You will engage both in product development work under a GMP quality system as well as research on new drug formulations. You will manage SynAgile’s chemistry vendors as well as plan and implement all of SynAgile’s in-house chemistry activities. This is a highly hands-on position.

You will have the opportunity to closely collaborate with Prof. Adam Heller, SynAgile’s CSO.

Company description

SynAgile is an innovative, eight-person drug delivery startup with employees in Fremont CA, Boston MA, Austin TX, Jackson Hole WY, and Singapore. SynAgile was founded by Ephraim Heller (CEO) and Adam Heller (CSO). Ephraim and Adam were previously the founders of TheraSense, a glucose monitoring company sold to Abbott for $1.2 billion. After TheraSense Ephraim was the founding CEO of AngioScore, a balloon angioplasty company acquired by Spectranetics for over $230 million. Prior to TheraSense, Adam was the co-developer of one of the first commercial primary lithium batteries. He is a professor at University of Texas at Austin and a recipient of the US National Medal of Technology and Innovation, the top technology award in the United States. The senior management team has a long and successful track record of medical device commercialization.

SynAgile has developed the OraFuse™ drug delivery platform for the continuous oral delivery of drugs with poor pharmacokinetics which cannot be delivered via conventional controlled release pills. OraFuse consists of a standard, clear, dental retainer carrying a miniature, disposable drug delivery device that continuously infuses medication into the mouth. SynAgile’s first product is DopaFuse™, which uses the OraFuse device to infuse a proprietary formulation of levodopa and carbidopa (LD/CD) into the mouth for the treatment of Parkinson’s disease. The LD/CD is swallowed with the patient’s saliva and absorbed via the conventional gastrointestinal route. DopaFuse will enable patients with PD to achieve near-constant plasma levodopa levels and dramatically reduce their motor fluctuations. DopaFuse will be the first noninvasive system for continuous LD/CD delivery and represents a major improvement in the standard of care. A successful proof of concept clinical trial of continuous LD/CD delivery is complete and a Phase 2 trial of the DopaFuse system is scheduled for 2019.

Candidate requirements

  • PhD in Chemistry, Chemical Engineering, or related field
  • Eminently strong and broad academic training in principles of chemistry or chemical engineering
  • Significant, self-evident, scientific, technological or engineering accomplishments, commensurate with years of experience in industry and/or in academia
  • A keen observer and interpreter of experimental data. Recognizes problems, designs experiments addressing these, understands significance of results, analyzes and interprets observations, deduces consequences and solves problems.    
  • Exemplary problems that the Lead Chemist/Chemical Engineer will encounter and be asked to creatively solve include:
    • Phase transitions and equilibria 
    • Mass and heat flow, mixing, cooling
    • Design for controlled viscosity 
    • Physical stabilization of suspensions and emulsions
    • Chemical stability and degradation mechanisms
    • Chemical analytical method design and measurement
    • Formulation for oral and buccal drug delivery
    • Toxicity
  • Enjoys working hands-on in the lab
  • Pharmaceutical development experience preferred but not required

Interested candidates should send a resume and a brief message (1/2 page) stating and elaborating on their single most significant technical accomplishment