Scientist, in vivo

San Carlos, CA
Jul 09, 2018
Required Education
Position Type
Full time

Uniquely positioned to enhance quality of life in aging, we are pioneering science that is rapidly being translated to the clinic. Our approaches utilize in vivo, proteomic, and molecular techniques to identify therapeutics and apply them to patients. We are seeking a highly motivated and driven scientist who will be key in advancing our preclinical scientific activities. This position requires leading the design, establishment, validation and implementation of in vivo functional assays via the use of surgical, behavioral and histological techniques to understand biological processes, bioactive efficacy and mechanism of action of agents in diseases of aging. Focus on both peripheral and CNS biology relevant to a range of age-related disorders will be explored.The studies performed will involve cutting edge science and require innovative concepts and techniques. This position requires exceptional judgment, communication, organization and leadership, and will interact with a team of scientists and manage research associates to drive multiple projects in parallel.


  • Actively perform and manage laboratory based scientific research
  • Establish and validate new animal models probing processes of aging 
  • Perform surgeries and relevant procedures on rodent models for therapeutic administration
  • Independent assessment of behavior and mechanisms of action of therapeutics via multiple techniques
  • Actively incorporate translational concepts for effective therapeutic development
  • Interact with scientific and management teams to define scientific path and strategies
  • Lead, supervise, manage and mentor a team of research associates to execute on goals
  • Manage external vendor contracts and studies
  • Conceptualize and propose new scientific and translational opportunities
  • Identify and incorporate appropriate assays and technologies for enhancing therapeutic translation


  • PhD or equivalent degree with significant laboratory experience 
  • Peripheral model development and testing and biomarker development greatly preferred
  • In vivo neuroscience expertise with cognition endpoints highly beneficial
  • Expertise in inflammation/neuroinflammation desired
  • Direct role in establishment, validation and performance assessment of behavioral and surgical assays required
  • Automated behavioral analysis and industrial environment experience
  • Strong communication skills
  • Inquisitive and passionate to perform groundbreaking science
  • Track record of effective leadership and project success
  • Idenpendence in technical and conceptual experimental design and implementation
  • Excellent interpersonal, verbal and written communication skills
  • Attention to detail and strong organizational skills
  • Solid background in biostatistics
  • Strong knowledge of Microsoft Office Suite and Outlook