Bristol-Myers Squibb Company

Senior Antibody Biophysicist

Redwood City, CA, US
Jun 11, 2018
Required Education
Position Type
Full time


Protein Analytics characterizes therapeutic antibodies, antigens and their interactions. Purpose/Objective of the job is for characterization of antibody-antigen interactions and the proteins themselves in order to better understand the biological effects of monoclonal antibodies

Key Responsibilities and Major Duties

Function as site and company-wide subject matter expert on antigen-antibody physical interactions, protein characterization and quantitation in biological fluids and tissues. Interact with all elements with the Protein Analytics Group and other group in BMS to lead in-depth studies on specific targets and scientific projects. Present data and develop high level strategies for the study of antibody-antigen interaction, characterization and quantitation. Lead ad-hoc teams within Protein Analytics in solving specific problems concerning a drug discovery project or a more broad based scientific issue

List of minimum requirements


- PhD


- Function as SME

- Lead small teams for problem solving

- 10 years of experience using a broad repertoire of analytical and computational tools

Competencies - knowledge, skills, abilities, other

- Expert level competencies with a wide range of biosensors, mass spectrometers and other characterization tools such as ITC, DSC, UV/Vis/IR spectroscopies, etc. This includes the ability to develop new workflows on these types of instrumentation.

- Must be highly competent in the use of laboratory automation for high throughput assay development and implementation.

- Strong understanding of protein-protein interactions on the molecular level. - Ability to lead a small well-focused team including the ability to set priorities, adjust workflows, etc.

Software that must be used independently an without assistance (e.g., Microsoft Suite):

- Competent in the use of computational software used to support protein-protein interactions and structure including those embedded by instrumentation vendors as well as that sourced from third party vendors

BMS BioPharma Behaviors Required:

- Passion for the patients and field of protein interactions.

- Innovation within the field antibodies and their function, structure and interactions.

- Speed in providing data and guidance to the Discovery working groups.

- Total accountability in the role of SME and team's work product

Working Conditions:

- Travel Required:

- Occasional

- Overnight Absences Required

- As required for a company-wide SME

- Describe exposure to any hazards/disagreeable conditions in the work environment

- Minimal exposure to hazards and disagreeable conditions