Research Assistant II - Molecular and Cell Biology Laboratory, Dr. Clodagh O'Shea

La Jolla, California
Depending on Experience
May 04, 2018
Required Education
Bachelors Degree
Position Type
Full time

Job #: G024

Laboratory/Department: Molecular and Cell Biology Laboratory

Laboratory employs the help of a small DNA virus, called adenovirus, to both understand and treat cancer. DNA viruses and tumor cells sabotage such controls to drive their respective pathological propagation, albeit with one small difference: In tumor cells the key cellular players are targeted via mutations, while in infected cells viral proteins achieve the same end. Not surprisingly, many of the cellular targets are the same. Dr. O'Shea's lab is exploiting this overlap to help address three key questions: What are the critical cellular targets and pathways that drive deregulated growth? What is the human growth deregulation program and how do we uncouple it for tumor therapy? Can we manipulate viruses as novel therapeutic agents that trigger the rapid lytic death of tumor cells but leave normal cells unharmed?

Position Description:

The Research Assistant II is responsible for execution of in vivo cancer models to characterize novel virus-based therapies for cancer. The main focus of this position will be to perform human-mouse xenograft tumor models and syngeneic mouse models of cancer, and the candidate will be responsible for performing all techniques associated with the models including: Cell culture of human cancer cell lines using aseptic technique, inoculation of human tumor cell lines into immune deficient mice, monitoring of tumor growth by direct tumor measurements and in vivo imaging (IVIS) and subcutaneous, intravenous and intraperitoneal injections of therapeutic candidates.



  • BS degree in biological sciences.


  • MS degree in biological sciences.



  • Minimum of 3 years of relevant in vivo experience as a lab technician or research assistant.
  • Experience with tissue culture of primary cell lines and cancer cell lines.
  • Extensive experience with mouse handling, including routine husbandry, blood and tissue collection/sampling and routine injections (i.v., i.p., s.c.)


  • Experience with whole animal imaging (IVIS) strongly preferred.

Special Requirements:

  • Must be willing to work in an animal-related research environment.
  • Satisfactory completion of the Institute’s background investigation.

Physical Requirements:

This position requires constant adjusting focus, grasping, hearing, keying, seeing, sitting, analyzing, calculating, communicating, reading, reasoning, writing, working in confined areas and inside.