Senior Associate Process Development Engineer – Product Recovery and Purification

REG Life Sciences is seeking a Senior Associate Process Development Engineer to join our Down Stream Process Development and Engineering team. The successful candidate will be highly knowledgeable in organic chemistry, synthesis, physical and chemical separations, and the scaling up of processes for commercial application. In-depth knowledge of scientific principles and theories  and chemical engineering concepts are required, and demonstrated experience with separation unit operations such as centrifugation, distillation, liquid-liquid extraction, crystallization, and chromatography is highly desirable. The position requires a BS or MS in  organic chemistry, chemical engineering, or a related discipline with at least 7 years of practical working experience in an industrial setting. The position requires excellent research, development, data analysis, teamwork, and communication skills and will require travel at times. You must be legally able to start work within two months.

REG Life Sciences is an industrial biotechnology company developing biocatalysts and processes for the production of renewable chemicals for diverse industries. REG Life Sciences is a subsidiary of REG, the largest producer of advanced biofuel in North America (NASDAQ: REGI). Built on the LS9 microbial fatty acid technology and product platform, REG Life Sciences is expanding its product suite and scaling up production to support partners across diverse industries. Nestled in the heart of Biotechnology in South San Francisco, CA, our laboratory and pilot facility bring together synthetic biologists, analytical chemists, and high-throughput scientists with fermentation and chemical process engineers to develop processes for a portfolio of renewable chemicals. If you believe you meet these criteria and would be excited to collaborate with an energized team to develop innovative products that are good for business and the environment we would love to hear from you.