Director, Early Stage Clinical Development

Kelun Pharmaceutical
Chengdu, China
Mar 27, 2018
Required Education
Masters Degree/MBA
Position Type
Full time

The Director of Early Stage Clinical Development performs protocol design and implementation of projects in early phases of clinical trials.

Key responsibilities:

·         Provide inputs regarding non-clinical studies during IND preparation via leading internal and external discussions and drive decision-making on study protocols and sequential clinical strategies.

·         Identify compounds’ strengths by working with other functional teams to project clinical outputs from preclinical results.

·         Seek external clinical and regulatory resources to ensure protocol quality.

·         Interact with other functional teams to provide insights from clinical perspective to support decision-making in research directions and the selection of new projects.

·         Manage team and provide staff training, etc.

Basic Qualifications:

·         Master’s degree or above, with clinical medicine or pharmacology background.

·         Experience in areas of tumor, endocrine, cardiovascular, blood, or neurological disorders.

·         Phase I clinical protocol design experience in oncology, diabetes, hepatitis or other disease areas.

·         A minimum of 5 years experience in early stage clinical development in pharmaceutical industry or academia.

·         Profound knowledge in clinical medicine and clinical pharmacology. Ability to analyze and interpret literature results.

·         Familiar with the basic process of drug development, related policies and regulations.

·         Excellent Chinese language is a plus.