Associate Bioengineer

Torrance, CA
40k-56k + benefits + equity
Mar 22, 2018
Required Education
Masters Degree/MBA
Position Type
Full time

OVERVIEW: Forcyte Biotechnologies is an innovative young biotechnology company developing cutting-edge tools and methods to automate challenging tasks in the life sciences. Leveraging an award-winning UCLA-borne technology, Forcyte aims to transform how entire drug development and research initiatives are designed and executed, and stands to provide direct value to patients.

To help us achieve our goal, we are seeking a razor-sharp, self-starting, and scientifically-minded Associate Bioengineer who is eager to work on exciting technology and make an impact to join the founding team as an early employee.  We specifically seek a fast-learner, creative thinker and determined worker who is proud to own her/his work.

In addition to offering valuable technical and leadership experience in a startup environment with the potential for growth into more senior roles, the position provides the short-term opportunity to publish original scientific studies in peer-reviewed journals.

POSITION: The Associate Bioengineer (AB) position will be responsible for manufacturing and maintaining stocks of specialized assay hardware, performing quality controls on all production, and general research and development tasks including microfabrication and cell culture.

The AB position requires extreme attention to small details and the ability to follow standard operating procedures exactly, as well as the ability to work in a busy, high pace, and rapidly changing product development and manufacturing environment.

The AB will have >2 years of industry experience in biotech or pharmaceutical CRO and is expected to contribute expertise to Forcyte’s general operations, lab organization and manufacturing processes.

KEY CONDITIONS: At this early stage, the team is small and will require a multi-faceted and multi-talented team player capable of undertaking and managing multiple involved tasks simultaneously.  

The AB may be required to split time between 2 sites in West LA/ South Bay regions in Los Angeles (LA Biomed / Carson and UCLA / Westwood) so reliable transportation is required.


  • Establish and innovate on internal production line for micro-fabricated biological substrates
  • Provide continuous supply of biological substrates for internal use
  • Prepare and QC continuous supply of ready-to-sell substrates
  • Perform R&D tasks relating to innovations of Forcyte’s base platform


  • You are stimulated by scientific innovation and progress (required)
  • At least 2 years’ experience working in biotech or pharma CRO (required)
  • BS and/or MS in mechanical, biological, or similar engineering field (required)
  • Cell culture experience (strongly preferred)
  • Previous cleanroom or microfabrication experience (strongly preferred)
  • Exceptional hands-on mechanical ability and inclination (required)


  • Excellent professional communication skills – must feel comfortable communicating all failures as they occur (required)
  • Able to apply engineering principles and techniques to solve a variety of problems (required)
  • Strong knowledge of scientific principles including basic physics, chemistry and cellular processes (preferred)
  • Demonstrates ability to design, plan, execute and communicate results of a research project as evidenced by lead authorship on a peer-reviewed scientific article (strongly preferred)
  • Ability to keep lab benches organized and neat at all times (required)
  • Self-motivation and accountability (required)
  • Experience in a fast-moving, growth-minded startup, or comfort with needing to be flexible and adaptable as requirements change
  • Demonstrates high level of attention to detail and outstanding organization
  • Has excellent time management skills, and is action-oriented, goal-oriented and innovative
  • Experience with cell-based assays (a plus)
  • Experience in CRO work (a plus)
  • Experience in discovery, pre-clinical, or clinical stage drug development (a plus)

The ideal candidate envisions herself/himself as a co-parent of an innovative biotech startup, plans to see it through its long-term development and growth, and commits to pushing it to the next level. Depending on performance, such a candidate will have the opportunity to quickly grow into a senior role as the company grows and evolves.

Alternatively, a successful candidate may be a prospective graduate student in physical sciences/ engineering with some industry experience under their belt, but who needs to bolster their independent research resume.  Such a candidate will have the opportunity for lead authorship on peer-reviewed scientific articles while leading independent research in a biotech lab and developing further scientific expertise.

CONTACT: ivan (at) forcytebio (dot) com for more information or to apply