Research Associate - in vivo Biology

San Carlos, California
Mar 05, 2018
Required Education
Bachelors Degree
Position Type
Full time

Uniquely positioned to address the biological processes of aging disorders, Alkahest is implementing a combination of in vivo, in vitro, proteomic, and molecular techniques to pioneer novel therapeutic approaches that are rapidly being translated to the clinic. We are seeking a highly motivated and driven research associate who will be key in advancing our preclinical scientific activities. Therapeutic focus will be on cognition and disorders of the nervous system. The role will primarily use in vivo studies to assess CNS endpoints through rodent behavioral, histological and biochemical techniques. The role is critical in assisting the scientific team in advancing our therapeutic understandings. This person will be involved in establishing, validating, and implementing methodologies in Alkahest’s laboratories which are pivotal to the company’s mission. The studies performed will involve cutting edge science and require innovative concepts and strategies. The role requires dedication to advance science, flexibility, excellent communication and organization, and will interact with a team of scientists and research associates to drive multiple projects in parallel. We offer a competitive compensation package based on experience level.


Specific responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

  • Designing, planning, and performing rodent in vivo experiments
  • Test article dosing via multiple routes of administration, performing cognitive and locomotive behavioral assessments
  • Performing perfusion, brain sectioning, immunohistochemistry and microscopy
  • Performing ex vivo sample analysis
  • Maintaining familiarity with current scientific literature
  • Investigation and development of models and integration of new technologies for discovery and preclinical product advancement
  • Interfacing on a regular basis with lead scientific staff to organize, coordinate, schedule and execute experimental work. This may include designing, performing, and presenting experimental paradigms


  • Bachelor's degree from an accredited college/university in a field related to biomedical research, neuroscience, animal behavior or animal sciences
  • Minimum of 2 years of progressively advancing responsibilities and technical industry and/or academic lab experience
  • Experience in rodent handling is required
  • Experience with immunohistochemistry and microscopy is required
  • Experience with ex vivo assays is required
  • Experience in rodent behavioral assays is required, preferably in an area of neurodegeneration
  • Strong communication skills that enable the individual to interact with all levels of management, technical and scientific personnel
  • Strong ability to multi-task
  • Desire to work in a highly collaborative environment