Senior/ Executive Director, Translational Research and Pre-Clinical Development

San Diego, California
Competitive pay package as a startup
Feb 28, 2018
Required Education
Position Type
Full time

Angiocrine Bioscience is a private biopharmaceutical company pioneering the development of engineered endothelial cell-based therapies.  The first experimental therapy product, AB-110, will enter Phase 1b clinical testing in H1 2018 involving patients with life-threatening blood malignancies.  Angiocrine is rapidly advancing a broad pre-clinical pipeline for multiple indications: multi-organ regeneration post high-dose cancer therapy, lung regeneration and tendon reconstruction; research stage projects include investigative work in stem cell generation and, cardiac and neurological regeneration.  Angiocrine has built a robust IP portfolio generated by the Company and also from key technologies licensed from Cornell University.  Funded by family offices based in the United States and non-dilutive grants (e.g., CIRM, SBIR).   

Position Title:

Senior/ Executive Director, Translational Research and Pre-Clinical Development

Position Role:

Lead Angiocrine’s translational research and pre-clinical development efforts.  This role requires a leader who can effectively think through scientific questions, design in vivo experiments to provide answers, and gets studies done in a timely, effective manner.  Leadership means guiding as well as possesses skills to be able to do wet lab work alongside his or her team during ‘all hands’ days.  Research efforts comprise translational studies for advancing the pipeline of engineered cell therapies from bench to clinic.  Pre-clinical development involves supervision and responsibility for IND-enabling studies, including completion of nonclinical section of INDs.

Angiocrine has in vitro and in vivo translational research capabilities in San Diego led by a Director of Research.  In addition, Angiocrine is involved in multiple collaborations led by a Director of External Collaboration. 

This position is intended to be a leadership role that can grow in importance and impact towards the successful development and future growth the company.   

Position Requirements:

Successful track record leading translational R&D team as well as demonstrating excellence as a translational researcher.  Expertise in designing, conducting and directing translational pre-clinical efficacy and safety animal studies is a must.  Required to be knowledgeable with assays and analytics employed to measure and quantify regeneration and/or healing process in animal models including: flow cytometry, histological analysis (using various stains), quantitative PCR, etc.  Must demonstrate keen understanding of the limitations and translatability of various disease models and yet develop a strong evidence-based strategy towards multiple INDs as well as successfully obtaining pre-clinical and clinical grants.

Must have experience supervising and/or conducting GLP studies and knowledgeable of the GLP process.

Strong written and verbal communication skills displaying scientific curiosity, scientific rational inquiry and pre-clinical development methodologies. 

Education: (1) Ph.D. in biological disciplines (e.g., cell biology, immunology, molecular biology, histopathology, comparative pathology); and (2) Postdoctoral fellowship or equivalent experience in industry related to regenerative medicine.

Location: based in San Diego, CA

Additional Desired Expertise and/or Experience: former experience as principal investigator either in the academic or industry setting; microsurgery skill and experience; assay development experience; expertise in immunology and/or endothelial cell and/or non-hematopoietic stem cell biology; experience in grant and/or IND development and writing; respectable publication record.

Salary and Benefits:  competitive pay package (base, bonus and stock options) and standard benefits including healthcare.