Haemonetics Corporation Launches Next Generation Blood Donation System

Cymbal(TM) Automated Blood Collection System allows European blood collectors

to increase supplies of life-saving red blood cells

BRAINTREE, Mass., and SIGNY, Switzerland, April 24 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- Haemonetics Corporation announced today the European launch of the Cymbal system, the Company’s newest blood collection system. The Cymbal system is a portable device for collecting two units of red blood cells from a single blood donor in one donation. The Cymbal system is half the size of Haemonetics’ first generation technology and meets European blood collectors’ need to cost effectively collect more blood on community blood drives.

Red cells are the most frequently transfused blood component. Red cells carry oxygen to vital organs and are part of life-saving treatments for trauma, surgical, and anemia patients. Historically, red cells have been manually separated from whole blood, netting one transfusable dose of red cells from one blood donation.

The Cymbal system is the next-generation red cell collection system, featuring increased portability, compact size, battery-operation and ease of use. The Cymbal system received its CE mark on February 14, 2006.

Haemonetics invented the first automated red cell collection system, known as the MCS(R)+ Mobile Collection System, which has now been used in more than one million blood donations around the world. Automation improves the efficiency, reliability and cost effectiveness of blood collection.

Peter Allen, President of Haemonetics’ Donor Division, said, “We’re excited to leverage our experience and market leadership in automated red cell collection with this innovative new technology. The enhanced features of the Cymbal system will facilitate European customer adoption of automated technology as they look for ways to reduce costs, enhance blood safety, and increase blood availability. Moreover, the Haemonetics brand ensures quality and reliable, long-term customer support.”

The Cymbal system is currently approved for non-leukoreduced indications for autologous, allogeneic and therapeutic collections and is being sold in France, Germany, Austria and the Czech Republic. The Cymbal system is undergoing further clinical trials for leukoreduced indications.

Haemonetics is a global company engaged in the design, manufacture and worldwide marketing of automated blood processing systems. These systems address important medical markets: surgical blood salvage, blood component collection, plasma collection, and blood component safety. To learn more about Haemonetics’ products and markets, visit its web site at http://www.haemonetics.com.

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