Palleon Pharmaceuticals

266 Second Avenue
United States

Tel: 857-285-5900

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About Palleon Pharmaceuticals

Palleon Pharmaceuticals is the leading biotechnology company focused on developing Glycoimmune Checkpoint inhibitors to treat cancer. The company’s proprietary Convergence Platform integrates technologies and insights from world-renowned scientific leaders in the fields of glycoscience and human immunology to create a novel approach to treating cancer. By targeting multiple immune cell types, Glycoimmune Checkpoint inhibitors will tackle resistance to first-generation immuno-oncology agents, and make possible a wider range of rational combination therapies to treat cancer. While Palleon is focused primarily on oncology, the Convergence Platform is applicable to other therapeutic areas including infectious diseases, neurodegeneration, inflammation, and fibrosis. The company is advancing its pipeline and development programs with a $47.6 million Series A financing from leading biotech venture investors SR One, Pfizer Ventures, Vertex Ventures HC, Takeda Ventures, and AbbVie Ventures.


Founder & CEO: Jim Broderick M.D.
Co-Founder: Carolyn Bertozzi Ph.D.
Co-Founder: Paul Crocker Ph.D.

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