B2S Life Sciences

97 E Monroe Street
United States

Tel: 317-787-2213

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About B2S Life Sciences

B2S Life Sciences is a biotherapeutic enablement company who provides pre-analytical and post-analytical services to Pharmaceutical, Biotech, and Diagnostic companies. Our mission is to leverage our extensive expertise in protein chemistry, bioanalytical methods development, pharmacokinetics/ADME, immunogenicity testing and statistical analysis to provide superior custom reagent products and services that are tailored to our clients’ needs, and to manage these products and services for clients throughout the drug development process. As a result, our combination of expertise, products, and services thereby uniquely qualifies us to ensure technical success for R&D of conventional drugs, biotherapeutics and diagnostics.
In addition to custom reagent generation we offer biomarker reference standard characterization, and life-cycle management of these materials. We also provide immunogenicity cut point statistics, PK/TK data analysis, and several areas of consulting. Our model supports working with large and small biotherapeutic companies and their preferred CROs. We have over 100 global clients that find value in our specialized services and hands-on, highly knowledgeable staff.
B2S Life sciences has developed a pharma grade line of kits and critical reagents that are designed to be one of a kind. We are the first to create commercially-available anti-insulin lispro, aspart and glargine antibodies, that show high specificity and lack cross-reactivity with native endogenous insulin.ur clients’ growing needs.


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