Disarm Therapeutics

400 Technology Square, 10th Floor
United States

Tel: (857) 201-2778

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About Disarm Therapeutics

Disarm Therapeutics is creating breakthrough disease-modifying therapeutics to treat patients with neurological diseases by preventing axonal degeneration.

Axonal degeneration is a common yet unaddressed pathology in a broad range of chronic and acute diseases of the central, ocular, and peripheral nervous systems.

Our scientific founders have identified SARM1 as the central driver of axonal degeneration, which causes severe sensory, motor, and cognitive symptoms and disease progression.

Disarm is developing SARM1 inhibitors to directly prevent the loss of axons, providing a breakthrough treatment approach for patients with severe neurological diseases including multiple sclerosis, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, glaucoma, and peripheral neuropathies.




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