LifeMine Therapeutics

Cambridge Discovery Park
100 Acorn Park Drive, 6th Floor
United States

Tel: 617-945-9510

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About LifeMine Therapeutics

LifeMine is the first company to massively scale the genomic discovery of powerful new drug modalities from eukaryotic microbes. Our integrated, genomically-enabled drug discovery engine is poised to deliver a pipeline of medicines that will conquer previously unconquerable human diseases.
The company has succeeded in hacking an evolutionary code in biosynthetic genes, creating a springboard for rapid discovery of naturally inspired drugs that function in unexpected ways. These medicines transcend the standard playbook of drug design.
LifeMine grew out of visionary founder Gregory Verdine’s life passion to discover and commercialize new drug modalities. YEAR FOUNDED:
Founders: Gregory Verdine Ph.D., WeiQing Zhou M.B.A., Richard Klausner M.D. and Hingge Hsu M.D., M.B.A.
President, CEO and CSO: Gregory Verdine Ph.D.
COO: WeiQing Zhou M.B.A.
VP, Genomic Discovery: Brian Bowman, Ph.D.

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