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About Ethris GmbH

Ethris is paving a new path from genes to therapeutic proteins using our proprietary messenger RNA technology. Developed in-house, our integrated platform enables the discovery, design and development of transcript therapies that restore missing functions in patients’ cells and tissues. We will advance transcript therapies to transform the treatment of disease independently and with our partners.
SNIM® RNA is a first-in-class biopharmaceutical platform for therapies of rare diseases, alternative for recombinant proteins, and for “Transcript Therapies” in regenerative medicine. ethris enabling therapies provide access to highly profitable markets.
Ethris was founded at the end of 2009 by Dr. Carsten Rudolph (CEO) and Prof. Dr. Christian Plank (CSO) and was later joined by Dr. Walter Schmidt. The goal of ethris is to rapidly and continuously translate its world-wide unique expertise into clinical trials.
CEO: Carsten Rudolph
CSO: Christian Plank

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