StimLabs, LLC

1225 Northmeadow Parkway
Suite 104
United States

Tel: 888-346-9802
Fax: 470-719-2085


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About StimLabs, LLC

StimLabs, LLC, was founded in 2015 with a desire to advance the state of regenerative medicine. Within a year of its inception, StimLabs built and certified an ISO Class 7 clean room facility, conceptualized and launched a suite of amniotic-derived products, developed an extensive product pipeline across a range of clinical applications, and established a portfolio of intellectual property. StimLabs portfolio of products includes Ascent, a shelf-stable injectable amniotic fluid allograft, and Revita®, an intact human placental membrane allograft that preserves all layers of the native tissue in a shelf-stable format. These groundbreaking products apply to a wide range of clinical applications and provide a foundation on which StimLabs is developing new regenerative technologies at the intersection of pharmaceuticals, medical devices, and tissue transplants.
Founder & CEO: John Daniel
VP, Sales: Bob Milani
VP, Product Development: Sarah Griffiths Langbord PhD
VP, Quality Assurance & Regulatory Affairs: Melissa Gaynor O’Connor
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