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About Oxford Biomedical Research

Oxford Biomedical Research, incorporated in 1984 by Denis M. Callewaert Ph.D., a professor of Chemistry, and the Director of the Center for Biomedical Research at Oakland University in Michigan.
Company operations, conducted at its 4,000 square foot facility, are located in an industrial park in Rochester Hills, MI. The Company develops and markets over 400 products for the biomedical and pharmaceutical research community, and performs research and development under the auspices of grants and contracts from the National Institute of Health.
OBR has developed a large number of collaborations with internationally recognized scientists in the field of molecular oxygenation reactions. Most of these scientists hold senior positions in the Vanderbilt University School of Medicine. The Company has licensed several key technologies and is further developing clinical diagnostic tests in collaboration with the Vanderbilt faculty and other major academic and government research installations.
Last Updated: 07-30-02

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