6701 Evenstad Drive N.
Maple Grove
United States

Tel: 844-784-7666


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About Pairnomix

Pairnomix is a new kind of company. We formed to empower physicians and patients who want to know more about rare genetic mutations and new uses for drugs that could be prescribed today.
Patients living with rare disease have access to the latest technologies that identify the genetic causes of their conditions. Still, many of these people are left wondering what other options they might pursue with this information.
As a personalized genetic research company, our process involves creating a model of a patient’s genetic mutation, learning about the functional consequences of that mutation, and testing approved drugs against the model to discover new treatment options. Our findings are delivered in customized reports to the patient’s physician so together they can make better-informed healthcare decisions.
Our goal is to help patients better understand their rare genetic mutation—and ultimately, to help physicians discover potential new treatment options.
CEO: Matthew Fox
Director of Business Operations: Dr. Chani Maher