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About Casebia Therapeutics

Drawing on CRISPR/Cas9 technology and expertise from CRISPR Therapeutics and the distinctive disease know-how and protein engineering capabilities of Bayer, we are working to redefine what’s possible for patients with a wide range of inherited diseases. Some of the areas we are working in are hemophilia, ophthalmic disorders and immunodeficiencies.

We are driven above all by the unprecedented opportunity to transform the lives of patients and families affected by a wide array of genetic diseases. Learn about how we are harnessing the power of gene editing to create fundamental breakthroughs for patients and families by visiting

Our vision is "We aspire to cure genetic diseases and change the lives of every patient and family we treat." Our values include Excellence, Collaboration and Urgency, Adaptability, Integrity and Dedication.


Created in 2016, Casebia is a joint venture between CRISPR Therapeutics and Bayer. Casebia combines CRISPR/Cas9 expertise and technology from CRISPR Therapeutics with access to deep disease-state knowledge and protein engineering capabilities from Bayer. Our aim: to transform the lives of patients and families affected by genetic disease.

We are located at 610 Main Street in Cambridge, MA 02139 and also 455 Mission Bay Boulevard South in San Francisco, California 94158.

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