Relief Therapeutics

About Relief Therapeutics

Relief Therapeutics aims to become a key player in the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industry.
We will provide patients with therapeutic relief from diseases for which high needs persist.
We strongly believe that only by effectively treating patients will our investors realize significant return on investment.
Our areas of interest cover a broad range of indications from niche (orphan indications) up to larger markets.
Our experimental drugs are primarily of natural origin and have been already tested or used safely in the clinical setting thereby minimizing risks and maximizing efficacious potential.
Relief focuses on late stage clinical assets and strives to reduce development times and costs to quickly reach high quality decisive results.
CEO: Raffaele Petrone
CFO: Tim Snyder
COO: Gael Hedou
CSO: Yves Sagot
Chief Business Officer: Michel Dreano
Chief Development Officer: Dorian Bevec

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