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Pfizer Research Technology Center (RTC)
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The Pfizer Research Technology Center (RTC) in Cambridge, MA houses cutting edge research groups focused on RNAi therapeutics, Systems Biology and Biological Profiling, Regenerative Medicine and Computational Sciences.
Headquartered at the RTC, and comprising research groups in Cambridge and Düsseldorf, the goal of Pfizer RNAi Therapeutics is clear - delivering RNAi therapies to meet our patient needs and in doing so helping Pfizer become a top tier biotherapeutics company.
Pfizer Regenerative Medicine is collaborating with local experts to develop Stem Cell Therapies to treat diseases.
The Systems Biology, Biological Profiling and Computational Sciences groups are using their niche skills and expertise to focus on increasing the effectiveness of the research process through better target selection, reduced attrition and the ability to manipulate and manage data to support the research process.
Without the constraints of a therapeutic area portfolio, RTC colleagues are free to apply cutting-edge techniques and technologies with broad utility across different therapeutic areas.
The RTC is located in one of the richest scientific environments in the world, surrounded by more than 300 biotechnology companies and thousands of scientific innovators in world-leading research hospitals and academic institutions. A key element in the success of the RTC is the growing and dynamic portfolio of partnerships with these innovators, focused on addressing the strategic needs of the site and of Pfizer's research division.
The RTC aims to balance the strength of Pfizer R&D with the nimble feel of a small biotech, and creates an exciting and team-based scientific environment for 150 colleagues, with a wide range of scientific skills and experience. The working environment emphasizes collaboration and cooperation with most scientific questions solved through the work of a cross-disciplinary team. The unique working environment - truly a small biotech with the backing of the largest research budget in the industry - supports the unique science of the site.
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