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North Carolina
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About Duke Clinical Research Institute

For over three decades, the Duke Clinical Research Institute has been helping the pharmaceutical, medical device, and biotech industries develop new therapeutic options. We offer a unique combination of clinical expertise, academic leadership, operational capabilities, and business acumen that translates into targeted and sound research results. With thought-leaders capable of staying at the cutting edge of science and the business of the industry, our efforts consistently help sponsors be first to market and first to peak sales. The DCRI achieves this by integrating scientific thought-leadership with full-service operational capabilities in Phase I-IV multi-center clinical trials and outcomes research. Over 800 employees collaborate across all disciplines to create successful projects.
Breadth and Depth
The DCRI enlists more than 5000 investigators in over 70 countries to carry out scientific investigations, reflecting the DCRI's tremendous experience and knowledge of the cultural differences in clinical practice and clinical research capabilities. More than a decade of globe-spanning trials experience means smooth oversight across time and geography. Though best known for our pioneering research in cardiology, DCRI research spans the scientific gamut, from pediatrics to geriatrics, primary care to subspecialty medicine, and genomics and proteomics. In recent years, our expertise in infectious disease, oncology, and central nervous system research has grown tremendously. Our knowledge and experience continue to expand and now encompass the following:
* Anesthesiology * Otolaryngology * Cardiology * Pediatrics * Cardiothoracic surgery * Pulmonary medicine * Endocrinology * Primary care * Gastroenterology * Psychiatry * Geriatrics * Reproductive * Hematology medicine * Infectious disease * Rheumatology * Nephrology * Transplant medicine * Oncology * Women's health * Ophthalmology
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