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About LifeSciences British Columbia

LifeSciences British Columbia supports and represents the biotechnology, medical device, and greater life sciences community of British Columbia through leadership, advocacy and promotion of our world-class science and industry. Via active facilitation of partnering and investment into the life sciences sector, British Columbia is fast becoming a global life sciences leader. LifeSciences BC is a not-for-profit, non-government, industry-funded association.

Our members include: academic and research institutions; associations; government; and companies from the biopharmaceutical industry, agricultural biotechnology sector, bioinformatics, bioproducts, medical devices, international pharmaceutical multinationals, contract research and scientific services, communications, professional and legal services, human resources, systems and software; and consultants.

LifeSciences British Columbia delivers high value to our membership and the community at large through focused services in high impact areas that mentor, educate and bring the community together.

Our core services include:
1. Government Advocacy
2. Industry Promotion
3. Networking
4. Member Mentoring & Education
5. Increasing Access to Capital
6. Information Services

About British Columbia
British Columbia is the seventh largest biotechnology centre in North America by number of companies, and the fastest growing in Canada. It is home to three of Canada’s largest and most successful biotechnology companies QLT, Angiotech and Aspreva Pharmaceuticals.

Key Contact:
Barry Gee
Director, Operations & Communications

Approximately 300 life science organizations.

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