Applied Biosystems

Now <b>Life Technologies</b>
850 Lincoln Centre Drive
Foster City
United States

Tel: 650-638-5800
Fax: 650-638-5884

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About Applied Biosystems

Applied Biosystems has demonstrated its position as a technology leader and driving force in the changing dynamics of the life science marketplace. The Applied Biosystems business is focused on the following markets: basic research, commercial research (pharmaceutical and biotechnology) and standardized testing, including forensic human identification, paternity testing and food testing. The company has an installed base of more than 50,000 instrument systems in approximately 100 countries.
Basic research includes work at university, government and other non-profit institutions that focus on uncovering the basic laws of nature and understanding human disease. Pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies use Applied Biosystems' products to discover and develop new drugs more effectively. Standardized testing customers require systems that produce precise results from a high volume of automated tests.
Last Updated: 04-28-04

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