Xenogen Corporation

<b>Acquired by Caliper Life Sciences in August 200
2061 Challenger Drive
United States

Tel: 510-291-6100 or 877-936-6436
Fax: 510-291-6196

Email: imaging@xenogen.com

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About Xenogen Corporation

A History of Pioneering Biophotonic Imaging & Genetic Modification Services Founded in 1998, Xenogen is the pioneer and leader in the field of biophotonic imaging. Xenogen's VivoVision Systems utilize biophotonic imaging and serve to expedite drug discovery and development, thereby minimizing up-front costs and significantly reducing the time to market for new therapies. Non-invasive in vivo biophotonic imaging illuminates biological processes taking place in a living mammal to track biological activity in real time, at the molecular level, and provides richer and higher quality in vivo data earlier in the drug discovery and development processes.
Through VivoVision Solutions, Xenogen also provides industry-leading genetic modification technologies, including the design and production of transgenic animal models using pronuclear microinjection, gene knockin or knockout mouse techniques, breeding services, and phenotypic characterization of mouse lines.
Patented Technologies Patented, proprietary, and licensable technologies currently in place include innovative imaging technologies and a comprehensive array of genetically modified animal creation programs. Xenogen believes that its systems and solutions can make animal testing more efficient across a broad range of applications. New applications for existing technologies and future technologies for use in genomic research and safety/toxicology are also under development.
VivoVision Systems® Xenogen VivoVision Systems provide a “window” into the living animal that does not exist in conventional animal models. Components include:

  • IVIS® Imaging System 3D, 200, 100, and 50 Series models
  • Living Image® Software for digital image processing and analysis on Windows and Macintosh computer platforms
  • Light producing cells and microorganisms, including bacteria and human tumor cells tagged to emit light
  • Light producing animal models designed to emit light when specific genes are expressed
  • Technology licenses and contract research
VivoVision Solutions® Xenogen VivoVision Solutions has produced over 8,000 unique transgenic mice and rats from over 2,000 transgene constructs. More than 97% of all gene constructs have successfully produced transgenic mice and rats. VivoVision Solutions offer the biomedical community an integrated array of custom animal model development capabilities, including genetic modifications, comprehensive phenotyping, and compound profiling. In vivo biophotonic imaging can be made part of genetic modification projects or custom light producing animal models.