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About George Mason University

George Mason will be the university needed by a region and world driven by new social, economic and technological realities. Our location is key: The nation’s capital region is the epicenter of the world’s political web, its information and communications network and its new economy. Through it, George Mason will reach out to the world. George Mason’s historic strengths-innovation, responsiveness, flexibility, and interactivity with its community-will continue to shape our direction and our culture.
Because of the unique nature of this region, George Mason is an integral part of a diverse set of communities that reach far beyond immediate geographic boundaries: Northern Virginia, the Greater Washington area, the Commonwealth of Virginia, the nation’s capital and the world’s capital. The university's relationship with its communities-the degree to which we both draw upon and contribute to their strengths-will be a key factor in our continuing success.
Last Updated: 07-08-03

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