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North Carolina

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About Duke University Medical Center

Since its opening in 1930, Duke University Medical Center has grown into a 1,125-bed facility, the major tertiary care center for the Southeast and a primary care hospital for the people of Durham and surrounding areas. Thousands of physicians, nurses and professional support staff are dedicated to providing the most advanced patient care as well as educating young professionals. Their pursuit of excellence has helped Duke achieve national acclaim for its hospital and school of medicine.

In addition, scientists at Duke are continually seeking more effective ways to diagnose and treat patients. The products of their research impact all facets of the medical and business community. From surgical tacks that stabilize and heal retinas to the use of heat treatment to enhance the effectiveness of chemotherapy, Duke scientists have transformed basic research discoveries into products and services that improve the health and well-being of people around the world.

Last Updated: 01-13-04

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