Xcell Biosciences

455 Mission Bay Boulevard
South San Francisco
United States

Tel: 415.937.0321

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About Xcell Biosciences

Xcell Bio is a San Francisco-based life science company dedicated to bringing an innovative primary cell control solution to the immunotherapy market to support research, drug discovery, and cell manufacturing. Xcell’s mission is to democratize maintenance, expansion and control of any primary cell type through its bench-top primary cell control systems, reagent kits, software, and standardized protocols. The technology delivers simple control of primary cell types from blood or solid tissue, including a range of immune cells, stem cells, and tumor cells. This patient-centric technology offers a unique and proprietary capability to improve immunotherapy efficacy, safety, and persistence through more predictive and iterative therapy development and rapid, highly-controlled clinical cell manufacturing. For more information, please visit http://www.xcellbio.com/

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