Pall Corporation

20 Walkup Drive
Westborough MA, 01581
United States

Tel: (508) 871-5400

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About Pall Corporation

Pall Corporation develops, manufactures, sells and services products to customers that conduct research in the life sciences field, or produce therapeutic biologicals, drugs, vaccines and other products in the biopharmaceuticals, in vitro diagnostic and healthcare markets.

Pall technology is used from the earliest stages of new drug discovery and development on through pilot and full-scale production and then delivery of therapies for the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of disease. Pall products help innovative drugs move faster to market and are used in laboratories, biotech applications, vaccine development, bioprocessing, fermentation, downstream processing, aseptic processing and sterile filling.

Pall maintains certified ISO9001 manufacturing facilities worldwide. The company’s Scientific and Laboratory Services (SLS), Technical Services and its Validation Laboratories have been a cornerstone of customer support for more than 30 years.

Biopharmaceuticals Market

Pall provides engineered filtration and purification technology products and systems in single-use and cleanable formats to support development and commercialization of drugs and vaccines. The increasing adoption of single-use processing systems to produce drugs and vaccines are an alternative to stainless steel, providing the industry with significant advantages – more flexible use of space and speed when implementing a new production line; reduction or elimination of hazardous cleaning chemicals and requisite cleaning validation, reduction of water consumption and energy demand, and reduction of the risk of cross-contamination between batches and products.

Pall’s biopharmaceuticals group addresses five sub-market segments – the biotechnology, vaccines and plasma sub-markets are biologically derived, while the active pharmaceutical ingredients (API) sub-market comprises chemically synthesized drugs and the formulation/filling sub-market applies to both synthetic and biologically-derived drugs. For each sub-market, Pall provides a broad range of advanced filtration and separation solutions for each critical stage of drug development through drug production. Filtration systems and validation services assist drug manufacturers through the regulatory process and onto the market.

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