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2 Corporate Drive
South San Francisco
United States


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About PACT Pharma

PACT Pharma is developing personalized tumor-mutation targeted T cells tailored for each patient. Tumor mutation targeting is programmed into the patient's own T cells to seek out & kill the tumors. Using (non-viral) precision genome engineering, the personal mutation-targeted T cell receptors replace the endogenous TCR of fresh CD8 and CD4 T cells from the patient in small footprint closed manufacturing instruments to re-create `native' tumor-targeted neoTCR-P1 T cells for transfer back into the patient. These patient-specific neoTCR-P1 cells are formulated to immediately kill all neoantigen-expressing tumors, and provide a deep reservoir of `ready-to-go' neoTCR-P1 cells for long term persistence and capable of rapid expansion to prevent future cancer recurrence. 

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