Nitto BioPharma, Inc

10628 Science Center Drive #100
San Diego
United States

Tel: 760-435-7058 (HR)
Fax: 760-435-7092 (HR)


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About Nitto BioPharma, Inc

Nitto BioPharma, Inc., is a biopharmaceutical company focusing on discovery and development of novel RNA-based therapeutics for intractable diseases. It offers unique drug and siRNA delivery solutions by designing novel, non-immunogenic and biodegradable delivery vehicles to target specific organs and cells. Clinical asset includes fibrosis program (ND-L02-s0201), which was exclusively licensed to Bristol-Myers Squibb for advanced liver fibrosis and is being developed by Nitto for lung fibrosis. Nitto BioPharma is also advancing several pipeline programs for intractable diseases including Oncology, Fibrosis and other infectious diseases.  Along with the establishment of the new company, in mid-2016 Nitto BioPharma moved into our new R&D facility on Science Center Drive in San Diego, California.

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