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About Artel

Laboratories worldwide depend upon Artel technology and expertise to standardize and optimize their liquid handling instruments and processes, and to provide them with total confidence in their results. Since 1982, Artel has been solving liquid handling quality, productivity and compliance challenges for laboratories in clinical diagnostics, pharmaceutical development and quality control, biotechnology research and manufacturing, regulatory agencies, academia, forensics, public health, agbio, food quality and safety, environmental testing, and research.


Artel provides quality assurance systems and a broad and fully customizable range of support, training and consultation services for laboratories using automated liquid handling instrumentation and manual pipettes. For more information visit


Artel strives to create a work environment that motivates and inspires all our employees to be the best they can be, to achieve goals which are meaningful and of which they can be proud.

Employees rate the company culture, team spirit, support of career opportunities, and esprit de corps as key elements to their professional growth and their personal job satisfaction.

We are fortunate to be in an exciting and challenging field and gratified that our hard work has made us the global leader. 

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