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About Pfizer, Inc.

At Pfizer Worldwide Research & Development (WRD), Pfizer’s visionary discovery and development division and the largest research-based biomedical and pharmaceutical company in the world, we're not content waiting to witness the evolution of our industry. Instead, we’re driven by science, building on our current successes and capabilities, playing a critical role in developing critical medicines and treatments for patients around the world. 

Pfizer HQ

Pfizer’s OWNIT! Culture
Through Pfizer’s shared mission to impact global health, Pfizer has built a unique OWNIT! culture to empower you to play your part in each of Pfizer’s life-changing achievements. So what does OWNIT! mean? It means taking ownership of your career and the contribution you make to the business and the patients and customers impacted by Pfizer’s business. This encouragement for personal progress allows colleagues to treat each other with honesty and respect, to act quickly and decisively, all to deliver results with commitment and care. 

Pfizer Culture

Professional Development at Pfizer
Pfizer’s belief that every person matters is also what proves their commitment to you. Whatever your talent or skill, you will be taught how to become an expert in your field through tools like Pfizer’s Mentor Match online tool and creating detailed career “roadmaps” with your manager that take into account your interests and aspirations as well as Pfizer’s business needs. Managers are also encouraged to provide frequent performance feedback instead of relying solely on yearly evaluations. From here, you’ll be inspired to refine – and redefine – your personal and professional goals.

Pfizer Professional Dev

Diversity at Pfizer
Pfizer believes that diversity is just as crucial to building a successful business as it is to building a vibrant culture. Pfizer’s community is one of the greatest building aspects about their culture. And their Diversity and Inclusion team ensures that every colleague experiences a fair and supportive environment. From holding managers and leaders accountable for creating inclusive and equitable workplaces, to helping colleagues appreciate the value of diversity, Pfizer is a place where people from all backgrounds and abilities can build a fulfilling career and reach their full potential. 

Pfizer Diversity

Finding Your Community and Making a Difference
With more than 95 Colleague Resource Groups (CRGs) located around the world, working at Pfizer means finding a community. Pfizer offers CRGs focused on the following groups: Asians, Blacks, colleagues with disabilities, Latinos, LGBTQ, Veterans and Women. These CRGs offer support, mentoring and networking opportunities to help members enhance their skills and advance their careers. They also help their communities by participating in volunteer and philanthropic activities, from sponsoring student scholarships to health fairs focused on the unique healthcare concerns of diverse populations.

Pfizer Making a Difference 


Every day, Pfizer colleagues work across developed and emerging markets to advance wellness, prevention, treatments, and cures that challenge the most feared diseases of today. As one of the world’s premier pharmaceuticals companies, Pfizer’s network and influence spans the entire globe. But in every country and continent, Pfizer colleagues are energized by a unique spirit. No matter the role or responsibility, colleagues are empowered by the belief that the work they do has a direct impact on patients.

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