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About ZBiotics

At ZBiotics, we make genetically engineered probiotics that improve daily life. As a group of ambitious, yet down-to-earth individuals, we are fueled by two things: a love for science and a commitment to being people-first. GMO products like ours, designed to benefit individuals rather than corporations, are the future. Having already brought the world’s first GMO probiotic to market, we believe it’s our duty to set a high bar for product quality, safety, and transparency for others to follow.

In 2019, we launched the world’s first product containing a genetically engineered probiotic: a 15mL probiotic drink designed to break down gut-derived acetaldehyde, the alcohol byproduct that leads to rough mornings after drinking. Since then, ZBiotics has gained considerable market traction and continues to grow year after year. With new, completely unique products on the way, our team is expanding. We’re looking for people as excited as we are to build this new category of consumer products.

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