Capstan Therapeutics

9880 Campus Point Drive STE 220
San Diego
United States


NextGen Class of 2023
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About Capstan Therapeutics

Capstan Therapeutics is developing a targeted delivery platform and therapeutics to reprogram immune cells in vivo in a scalable and controlled format, for a broad range of disease categories. The core technology originating from University of Pennsylvania comprises Targeted Lipid Nanoparticles (tLNPs) to enable off-the-shelf immunotherapies, with tight control of dosage and of activity of engineered cells. The objective is to advance transformative first-in-class and best-in-class products for oncology, fibrosis and inflammation-related diseases and blood monogenic disorders. Our dynamic start-up is founded by pioneers in the field of immunotherapy, regenerative medicine and drug delivery including experienced industry leaders and academic faculty members from U Penn.

In summary, Capstan Therapeutics aspires to become the leader of a new revolution in medicine, opening the avenue of in vivo reprogramming of the immune system and bringing this treatment modality to a broad range of medical needs. With locations in Philadelphia and San Diego, we are looking for talented individuals to join us.

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