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About Xencor

To create its XmAb antibody engineering platform, Xencor precisely alters the Fc domain — the stem of the antibody structure — to significantly enhance natural functions and performance. In some cases, these modifications create entirely new therapeutic mechanisms of action.

Xencor’s broad portfolio of optimized Fc domains can plug-and-play into nearly any antibody. XmAb Fc domains provide enhanced performance in 11 proprietary and partnered therapeutic antibody programs in clinical development for the treatment of autoimmune disorders, cancer, asthma and allergic diseases.

The plug-and-play nature of Xencor’s XmAb technology enables the rapid creation of more powerful, more effective antibodies by simply changing a few amino acids in the Fc domain to the amino acids identified by our structure-based design. Typically two amino acids are changed to create the XmAb Fc domain and dramatically enhance the biological function of the antibody. Xencor’s growing pipeline is based on this plug-and-play approach to creating differentiated antibody drug candidates.

Xencor extends the use of the XmAb technology through licenses of these high-performance Fc domains to partners interested in therapeutic targets outside of Xencor’s areas of focus. Currently, partners are advancing seven programs in clinical trials and numerous pre-clinical programs that use XmAb Fc domains for bispecific structure, higher cytotoxicity, longer half-life or improved stability.


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