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About Arranta Bio

ArrantaBio is going where few CDMOs have gone before–straight to the gut of some of medicine's greatest challenges.

Arranta Bio is a fast-growing contract development and manufacturing organization (CDMO) with deep roots in the biopharmaceutical industry. A startup at our core, Arranta Bio was conceived by our team of experienced, entrepreneurially driven leaders with the goal of revolutionizing disease etiology through therapies focused on the human microbiome. Working at Arranta Bio means having a direct hand in advancing this goal by supporting the pioneers who are innovating these therapies and giving hope to patients in need.

Arranta Bio's experienced team has worked with and developed processes for more than 135 different species spanning 85 different genera of live biotherapeutics since 2009, thanks to the 10-year legacy of Captozyme™ – the leader in process development and clinical contract manufacturing for microbiome pioneers acquired by Arranta Bio in 2019. Headed by a leadership team and technical experts with a proven track record in both process development and contract manufacturing through fermentation to lyophilization and encapsulation of live biopharmaceuticals, Arranta Bio offers the knowledge and resources necessary to help clients develop and manufacture promising new microbiome therapies and plasmids to meet the needs of patients.

At Arranta Bio, we're not just doing a job–we're answering the call for innovative therapies to treat unmet needs. We are collectively impassioned by the work we do and the people we impact, which is why we continuously challenge ourselves to grow, learn and surpass the limits of our capabilities. If you are a problem-solver, innovator and collaborator who thrives in an agile, rapidly moving environment, then it sounds like you may be ready to answer the call with us.

You can learn all about the Marvelous Microbiome and the extraordinary, life-saving potential of live biotherapeutic products at But if you’re looking for the next step in your career, all you really need to know is that we’re doing things differently – not just in the innovative therapies we develop, but in how we operate as a company and who we are as people.

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