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About Novartis Oncology

When science and passion connect, innovation happens. The oncology community shares a common mission: to transform the way patients live with cancer and related diseases. At Novartis Oncology, we are passionate about the discovery and development of innovative medicines. We seek to provide a broad range of new therapies as well as practical solutions to advance the care of patients.

With over 9000 Oncology employees worldwide operating in 85 countries, Novartis Oncology has a truly global reach. We have the advantage of extraordinarily talented and globally diverse employees who, through shared goals and different perspectives, are dedicated to transforming the lives of patients living with cancer around the world. We have developed eight new practice-changing medicines in the past decade, addressing unmet medical needs in patients worldwide. Our broad pipeline includes over 25 new molecular entities in development, targeting key molecular pathways in cancer biology.

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Connecting within the oncology community
Making connections in science and building relationships with people in the oncology community fuels our ability to deliver innovative medicines for patients. More than a decade ago, Novartis AG was the first company to form a dedicated global business unit for developing and launching innovative oncology medicines that address the unmet medical needs of patients. This early vision has led to one of the most dynamic portfolios of new products in the marketplace.

Turning scientific possibility into clinical reality
A decade of success in oncology drug development has taught us the value of our connections within the oncology community and their importance to innovation. Together, we explore novel compounds in clinical development, many with potential best-in-class status, aiming to advance or create new standards of care. Our strategy is composed of three elements:

Precision oncology accelerates development and improves results.
Collaboration leads to breakthroughs.
Patient-inspired solutions provide more than medicine.

Unique, dedicated global capabilities support our strategy.

At Novartis Oncology, we are a leader in driving the practice of precision oncology treatment. Learn about our viewpoint on achieving better patient outcomes.

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