Cygnal Therapeutics

325 Vassar Street, Suite 2B
Cambridge, MA 02139
United States

Tel: (877) 441-4374


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About Cygnal Therapeutics

Founded in 2017 by Flagship Pioneering, Cygnal Therapeutics is the first company to build a platform to develop drugs in the field of exoneural biology. 

From cancer to gut inflammation and other areas of disease, nerves function in ways far beyond canonical contexts and mechanisms. The tissues they permeate make use of biochemical neural pathways and signals, and many non-neuronal cells communicate with and mimic nerves in disease settings. This is a novel way of thinking about neural signaling as outside—or exo—traditional neurobiology. 

Exoneural biology is broadly implicated in human health and disease. Fueled by our dynamic Exoneural Medicine Platform™, we are creating new medicines across multiple therapeutic areas, starting with cancer and inflammatory diseases.


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