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About Eargo

We’re Eargo. A company made up of ENT surgeons, tech geeks and dreamers, united in our belief that people should be able to hear life to the fullest. Because the world is full of great things to hear. And because, well, we really like people. 

It's because we like people that we do what we do. We want the best for them, and this is our way to make sure they get it (we also like piña coladas, cuddly puppies and long walks on the beach, in case you’re wondering). 

We don't believe that caring for your hearing health should come at the cost of compromising your lifestyle or appearance. That's why we’ve created devices that work superbly, are easy to use and – because of our patented Flexi Fibers – are incredibly comfortable and essentially invisible. We start with the user, the person who's going to open the Eargo box with eager anticipation, and build all of our products and experiences in ways that make them feel understood and cared for. That pays off their eager anticipation.

We feel that the best technology should be natural, not intrusive. That is should serve us, not the other way around. Through improving hearing, we want to help people live and feel better. Because, like we said before, we like people. 

Ownership: Eargo’s investors include Nan Fung Life Sciences, New Enterprise Associates (NEA), Charles and Helen Schwab, Maveron, Dolby Family Ventures, Red Sea Ventures, Crosslink Capital, Peterson Ventures, Birchmere Ventures and Montage Ventures

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