Compliance 360 And Integral Healthcare Solutions Forge Partnership

ATLANTA, Aug. 4 /PRNewswire/ -- Compliance 360, the leader in enterprise compliance management applications, today announced that it has entered into a non-exclusive alliance with Integral Healthcare Solutions, a leading consultancy to healthcare organizations across the United States.

Integral Healthcare Solutions is a an inter-disciplinary network of senior executive healthcare consultants comprised of economists, physicians, psychologists, organizational development consultants, quantitative researchers, qualitative researchers, nurses, managed care management specialists, and credentialing experts.

“The two companies happen to fit together quite well,” said Tom Goddard, president and CEO, Integral Healthcare Solutions. “We are the consultants that will help you to manage the process of getting your organization to obey the law and meet accreditation standards. Compliance 360 is responsible for the information systems piece of that management process.”

Where the partnership started out as an informal marketing partnership based on sharing prospects and referring business, the partnership has also come to encompass a non-exclusive alliance whereby Compliance 360 uses Integral Healthcare Solutions as a consulting partner and Integral utilizes Compliance 360 as a recommended independent software vendor (ISV) partner.

“Both Compliance 360 and Integral Healthcare Solutions have a totally consistent view of compliance,” said Steve McGraw, president and CEO of Compliance 360. “We are very pleased to have a partner in Integral Healthcare Solutions that recommends us as a software company with the broader vision of how compliance should be done -- and by that I mean an approach to compliance that is completely integrated with management processes.”

The two partners both see the history of compliance as unfortunately being replete with examples of companies that have put compliance in its own department and left it at that. The shared vision of Compliance 360 and Integral Healthcare Solutions is that compliance is an enterprise-wide endeavor.

“Having done the research for a client on what information systems management software products are available for compliance, I told my client that this is the best I could find,” added Goddard. “I have yet to encounter software that does a better job of managing the compliance process than does Compliance 360’s software.”

About Integral Healthcare Solutions

Integral Healthcare Solutions provides healthcare organizations with a high-quality, innovative alternative to traditional consulting firms. Populated only by veterans, Integral Healthcare Solutions provides interdisciplinary solutions to healthcare organizations in the public and private sectors. The firm’s services include consultation in compliance and accreditation, quality management, provider payment systems, strategic planning, health operations planning, financial analysis, organizational development and training, health policy research and analysis (both qualitative and quantitative), and litigation support. For more information, please visit .

About Compliance 360, Inc.

Compliance 360 is a leading provider of software that helps companies in regulated industries manage their corporate governance and compliance processes through a single enterprise-wide application. Over 200 companies use Compliance 360 products to control the costs associated with enterprise compliance management, while significantly reducing the complexities associated with monitoring and managing local, state and federal regulations.

By enabling companies to address the most important facets of a comprehensive governance program, Compliance 360 assists its customers in reducing costs and mitigating regulatory and compliance risk. Compliance 360 is headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia. For more information, visit .

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